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Our mission

Change begins today! Transforming companies and business models comprehensively and sustainably requires a change in mindsets and technologies. Our Technological Transformation team implements these technological changes for you and paves your way into the application world of the future together with you. From a DevOps assessment for an efficient cloud-operating culture for your teams to cloud infrastructure automation right through to optimising your CI/CD pipeline – we are your technology experts.

Our mission

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Technological Transformation

Our services

Assessment and planning

With our DevOps assessment, we can help you see the current state of your technological transformation and guide you on your journey to a secure and efficient cloud-operating culture for your teams.

CI/CD as a service and pipeline configuration

Our CI/CD experts analyse your framework and get your CI/CD pipelines up and running. Together, we implement the right tools, create and configure automated pipelines and help you align your automated testing with your software delivery processes, for example, with a high-performance test suite.

Cloud infrastructure automation & platforms

We automate your infrastructure and configuration management and help you choose the right tool set for your infrastructure automation. Whether it's Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or your own cloud solution, we'll move you to the cloud and make sure you get the best architecture for your requirements.


Sound complicated? It’s not. Just speak to us!

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Technological Transformation


We can work with AWS, Azure and everything you need for a private/hybrid cloud. The decision is yours! Have a chat to us and together we can find the ideal cloud solution for you.

In addition to creating efficient DevOps infrastructures, we are also happy to support you with training to help introduce an active DevOps culture. We advise and support our customers all the way from setting up a repository to integrating secure CI/CD pipelines for both infrastructure and applications.

We believe in an API-first world and the establishment of sustainable architectures that free up teams and promote autonomy. The automation of processes and products is therefore key when designing and developing technological transformations. Microservices are a matter of course for us but not mandatory.

Our focus is on clever, modern and sustainable technology solutions that offer a high degree of automation. Our DevOps teams are experts in technological transformation and reliably develop effective solutions for your business. We concentrate on targeted deployments to optimise our customers’ processes and make them even more efficient.

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