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Software solutions for the public sector

Our mission

We are the competent IT partner for the public sector. Since 2018, we have been the official partner for the federal state government of North Rhine-Westphalia and support municipalities, administrative districts and public bodies with the implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG). This act stipulates that all administrative services in Germany must be digitally accessible by citizens via administrative portals. From strategic planning to turnkey delivery as well as operation and quality assurance – we develop end-to-end concepts and cover all the phases of these public projects. Always with the goal to revolutionise the public sector with software solutions and software architectures. And we have already had success: thanks to our software it is now possible to apply for housing benefit and income support digitally – this makes us proud and the work goes on.

Our mission

We support municipalities
with the implementation
of the OZG.

What really counts

Facts & figures

OZG services in progress
projects in four years
OZG services achieved
software solutions for the public sector

Our services

Our solutions are integral to the implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG). We integrate different administrative procedures and IT systems to solve the challenges posed by typical heterogeneous IT landscapes. The software architecture and service profile developed by us are transferable and scalable as standard. Data protection is also at the heart of what we do: our software solutions combine government and business requirements in accordance with GDPR.

Step I

Identify and engage stakeholders

Step II

Conception and architecture

Step III

Ensure compliance with data protection

Step IV

Implement / program / test / go live

Step V

End-to-end monitoring and operation

Step VI

IT security concept and quality management

  • Integral building blocks for implementing the Online Access Act (OZG)
  • Transferable software architecture
  • Significant cost advantages with new technical processes and software operation
  • Scalable as standard
  • Low error rate
  • High level of data protection in accordance with GDPR
  • Our solutions use the standards of the IT Planning Council and are EfA (One for All) compliant
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Digitalisation of administration


In short, with the Online Access Act (OZG) the German federal government passed a law which is intended to enable citizens to have digital access to government services. Online applications for administrative services for citizens (e.g. housing benefit applications, income support applications, identity cards for healthcare professional, recognition of foreign professional qualifications, etc.) should be offered via administrative portals. We help with the implementation of the necessary software.

EfA stands for “Einer für Alle”, in English “one for all”. This means that an administrative service is developed centrally, operated and made available for use by other federal states. During implementation, the interfaces must be developed in accordance with the IT Planning Council and the Coordination Office for IT standards (KoSIT). For this purpose, the XTA 2 and OSCI standards are used to standardise existing federal state infrastructures.

An administrative procedure is a software used by authorities and administrators to digitalise business processes.

We use industry standards in the form of message broker technologies to exchange data between federal government, states, authorities, municipalities and administrative procedures. The predefined standards are monitored by the IT Planning Council. Our solutions are high-performance, easily available, secure, scalable and reusable.

BPO stands for business process optimisation. The optimisation of business processes and electronic access to public administration is regulated in the EGovG (e-Government Act).

Find out more about our software development certifications and standards.

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