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Digital networks of the future

Our mission

We are your project service provider for innovative public and private networks in telecommunications and Industry 4.0. We ensure secure and reliable connectivity for our customers, which is adapted to your needs with individual use cases. We design, plan, build and operate private networks based on the latest technologies such as 5G, SDN or cloud.

Our mission

Together with our customers, we are shaping digital and cultural change in a sustainable and future-focused way.

What really counts

Facts & figures

current projects
motivated team members
years of collective expert knowledge
Campus Lab at the Ratingen site

Our technologies & services

Private networks are tailored to the individual requirements of the customers on the premises or site – independent of public networks. 

These private networks are supplemented with intelligent, secure, rule-based and application-centric networking with SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) and completed with cloud-based solutions – secure and efficient. 

Identification and analysis of the problem
Determination of the different network components based on use case
Building the complete solution & verification of the individual functions
Operation of the connectivity platform, ensuring the agreed SLAs


5G, SDN, operation, mobile communications, fixed network, cable network, IP networks

Know how

Many years of experience in the design, planning, building and operation of telecommunication networks


Project management, solution design, requirements engineering, quality management, roll-out & vendor management, OSS, BSS, Telco Cloud, virtualisation

Tools & methods

Scrum, SAFe, PMI, Jira

What's new


Alle Vorteile von 5G auf einen Blick


WiFi – including WiFi 6 – is a wireless technology, while 5G goes much further: in addition to an exclusive spectrum, 5G also offers an application platform with access to 5G features and not simply pure (best effort) data transmission. 5G offers an innovation ecosystem. Whereas WiFi 6 does not have an independent innovation ecosystem.

Thanks to our 7P 5G network, video analysis based on AI can be done reliably and in real time. The dedicated spectrum, the nature of the 5G air interface and the management of the wireless devices via the 5G system give the video analysis the necessary flexibility. This is the only way to process multiple streams in real time because the data is evaluated directly by the AI, thanks to the Edge Cloud where it originates! The video analysis application based on AI can therefore alert you immediately to ensure consistent reliability and quality.

Thanks to our virtualised and IT-centric approach, we can easily integrate and use the 5G campus solution in existing IT infrastructure. The 7P 5G network also enables scalability, allowing the 5G campus network to adapt to the needs of the company.

The 7P 5G network can be scaled to meet the necessary requirements through virtualisation. With the exception of RF components, all functions are virtualised and based on the latest cloud technologies. In this way, we can implement 5G campus networks that not only meet different requirements but that can also grow based on future user requirements.

We accompany you from identifying the problem to evidence of business value to implementation and day-to-day operation. We work in an individual and targeted way, for example:

Individual solutions/applications for your use case
from problem identification to evidence of business value

4-level plan incl. 5G licence
4-level plan end-to-end

Configuration, installation and training
Configuration, installation and training

Full control to managed service

You have the choice: in-house operation or managed service.

Die 7P unterstützt Sie gerne bei der Beauftragung der notwendigen 5G-Lizenzen.

Our Campus Manager is used by 7P for automated monitoring of all functions and selected use cases as well as for assisted fault clearance of 5G campus networks. The 7P Campus Manager uses the management systems of the individual components of the 5G campus network and is therefore an important tool for proactively detecting and correcting possible faults early on.

7P offers appropriate training courses on the operation of the 7P 5G campus network on request. Just call or write to us using the contact form below.

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