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Agile ABC

The little agile ABC Today, hardly any company can ignore the topic of “agility”. And that’s...
scrum kanban

Scrum vs. Kanban

The agile methods Scrum and Kanban: What is the difference? Scrum and Kanban are methods used in the...
Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking: Definition & origin Design Thinking serves the elaboration of solutions and ideas...
user story mapping

What is User Story Mapping?

The Definition of User Story Mapping User Story Mapping is a technique used to visualize requirements...
5G Transformation Vorteile

Alle Vorteile von 5G auf einen Blick

Autoren: Steffen Weichselbaum Das macht 5G aus Die Vorteile von 5G bergen viele Chancen für Unternehmen,...
agile transformation principes

The agile principles in practice

The agile principles are among the most important foundations for implementing an agile corporate culture...
remote agile transformation

Agile and remote work

Remote Work has never been more important than today But even before the COVID-19 crisis, remote work...
agiles agile mindset

Agile mindset

THE INFLUENCES OF DIGITALIZATION ON YOUR COMPANY Our world is becoming increasingly fast-paced, digital...
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